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Marinela 10kw Multi Fuel Stove with Back Boiler for central heating/hot water
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The Marinela Multi- Fuel Contemporary Stove with Back Boiler... with 4 water connections to allow seperate connections between domestic hot water and central heating.

Suitable for vented, or un-vented hot water / central heating

The Marinela with Back Boiler is a curved - contemporary styled, multi-fuel wood burning stove that offers a maximum output of 10kw. Manufactured in Europe and finished to the highest of standards from high grade steel and finished in dark contemporary grey, and further complimented with natural dark grey granite stone and polished silver handles / controls.

The back boiler is a fixed wrap around steel boiler that offers 6kw to water heating that will heat approximately 10 average sized radiators and provide domestic hot water. The back boiler is rated up to a working pressure of 2 bar and can therefore be used with a closed - un-vented heating system, or with an open - vented system. The water connections on the rear of the stove are a 1 inch BSP male and half inch BSP male, metric connections are available from almost all plumbing merchants.

The Marinela incorporates 6 water connections on the rear of the stove, essentially 3 pairs of connections:

1 x flow and return for domestic hot water
1 x flow and return for central heating
1 x flow and return for Thermostatic safety flush valve.

The Marinela incororates a cooling coil within the boiler. This allows the "optional" connection of a mains water supply directly in to the boiler, and a drain to waste. In the event of oveheating or excessive water pressure, mains cold water can be allowed to enter through the internal safety coil to cool the boiler down and reduce the pressure. Please note that a TAS (thermal saftey flush valve) is required to utilise this option. We sell the TAS Valve £79.00 (please see the diagram below of how it can be plumbed)

We also sell a pump station with control valves and pressure gauge £279.00. Please call for further details or information.

The bottom log storage compartment is not available on the back boiler model, it is replaced with a manual water temperature control button, which allows the user to choose the water temperature flow. We have many - many customers who have advised us that after installing this stove they have made significant savings on their energy bills.

The stylish Marinela incorporates an automatic primary air control and a manual secondary airflow control vent to provide optimum control over the burn rate and temperature output. An advanced air wash system ensures that the large curved ceramic glass window remains clean and clear to provide a warming view of the flames. In addtion the stove has a special deep fire grate to facilitate over night burning, the fire grate is also equiped with a riddling mechanism for ease of cleaning. Other features include a large removable ash pan for further ease of maintenance and stylish granite soap stone finish.

A fantastic - stylish wood burning stove at a less than half of the cost of similar Scandinavian models...we have sold many of this model, and received huge praise for the product from our customers. We have a number of customers who have oil fired central heating and since installing the Marinela with back boiler they have halved their oil bills, critically this stove can pay for itself in less than 12 months. Please be assured that this stove has the style, appearance and build quality of a stove that you will find in your local fire shop priced at well over £3500.

In accordance with all the stoves that we offer, the Marinela carries a 2 year warranty and is CE Marked to EN13240 (latest standard) and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standard... please do not confuse this stove with other cheaper alternatives, it's build quality and finish compares to other stoves that are in excess of £1000. We are often asked how we can offer our stoves at such competitive prices?.. we are an ecommerce company with low overheads..the result..You save money on your stove. Our low prices do not reflect low quality..Guaranteed.

Price Includes FREE delivery to mainland UK (3 Day delivery service from date of dispatch)
Space Heat Output: 4kw

Water Heating Output: 6kw

Note we have customers that are heating in excess of 10 radiators and their domestic hot water. The Marinela has a manual water temperature control switch, to allow the user to regulate the temperature of the hot water that is produced.

Back Boiler is rated for working pressure of 2 Bar

Dimensions: W530mm / D495mm / H1140mm

Weight: 200kg

Colour: Contemporary dark grey, with natural soap stone

Flue Diameter: 150mm

Features:- Thermostatic Control, Large Curved Ceramic Glass Window. Airwash. Primary and Secondary Air Controls, Deep Dish Fire Grate, Large Ash Pan, Granite Soap Stone Finish

Flue Outlet: Top

Efficiency: 76%

Fuel: Wood Burning & Multi Fuel

Warranty: 2 years